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Keymaker Stocking Stuffers



Keymaker Stocking Stuffers is a blind bag sale from the Just Another Keymaker team. This sale features 4 sculpts in 13 colorways and is a small blind bag raffle to celebrate the holiday season!

All the caps available in this sale are made with the new base we plan to use moving forward. These bases are made with a small Keymaker K logo in the upper left hand corner. We are very excited to be using these new bases in our keycap designs and we hope you love them too!

Winners of the Stocking Stuffer Raffle will receive a random cap from the Menu below. Each winning ticket will be a 45$ Paypal invoice. These will be sent out shortly after the sale closes. Due to the limited number of caps we are limiting wins to one keycap per person. Orders will be shipped to the address specified by Paypal, make sure this address is up to date. Shipping is 5$ US, $10 Canada, and $15 International.

Form is open until 12PM EST on 12/13, invoices will go out the evening of 12/13, you will have 24hrs to pay your invoice. Good luck and thanks for taking part in this sale!

Sale Closed! Thanks for joining us!

Sale Sticker

Sale Sticker

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Colorway Names(Left to Right)

GHost Of Christmas Cast(GID) - Spooder

Ghost Of Christmas Cast(GID) - Birb

Ghost Of Christmas Cast(GID) - Peek

Mistletoe - Peek

Peppermint - Rose v2

Pristine - Rose v2

Mistletoe - Birb

Mistletoe - Spooder

Evergreen - Rose v2

Sno-Berry - Birb

Sno-Berry - Spooder

Sno-Berry - Peek

Starry Night - Rose v2