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Staying Regular Update


Staying Regular Round 1 Complete!

Thank you everyone who participated and enjoyed these past 30 sales! We really loved being able to put out caps on such a regular basis and see them bring so much joy to so many people. We truly appreciate all your support!

We are taking a break from these weekly sales for a few weeks to reorganize and rework some of our processes, as well as give ourselves a short reprieve from casting, sanding, packing and shipping. The current caps we have to ship will be packaged up and shipped this weekend. When we return we will have some new things to share which we think you will all like very much as we are very excited to make them a reality! Until then, we would love to hear your honest feedback about these past few months of Staying Regular. When we come back we want to be able to provide the best experience for all of our fans.


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1 being the least enjoyment, 5 being absolutely loved the sales.