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Newlyweds, Old Casts Sale

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What We’ve Been Up To

This past weekend Jess and I said ‘I do’! We couldn’t be happier with our wedding day and the awesome reception we shared with our family and friends. It’s been a blast sharing our journey as a couple with all of you and we are so grateful for the love and support of the community these past three years.

We have been MIA for the past few months with a mix of moving into a new home, work, and planning our big day. During that time a few batches of JAK keys have been sitting on our desk just waiting patiently for a forever home. These caps have seen us pack up and move to our new home, plan a wedding and become Husband and Wife. We wanted to have sale of just these caps as a way to update the community with what we have been doing and let everyone know we are back and ready to keep on sharing what we love to make. Expect some new things from the JAK team in the near future:).


The Sale

This sale is a simple blind bag sale where you can select the colorways you would like to win. If selected by RNG, you will receive a random sculpt in one of your selected colorways with the chance of receiving a matching blank!

Each cap is $50 dollars and you can win up to 4 keycaps in this sale. Please enter the form below to be entered into the raffle! Winners will be selected approx 24 hours after the start of the sale.

Terminal Attraction

Honeymoon Dreams

Deep Love

Golden Memories