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Kota The Keyceratops

The Kota Package

Kota the Keyceratops lived during the Keytacious Period, a time long ago when the world was covered with wondrous and novel mechanical key-switches. Sadly, Kota died out when the invasive rubber-domes became the dominant keyboard life on the planet. Thought to be extinct, Keymaker Advanced Resin Industries, Inc is proud to say this magnificent creature has been brought back to life!

We are looking for suitable mechanical key switches to be new homes for Kotas!

Enter the Raffle to win one of eleven possible colorways. Each winner will receive a random colorway Kota with the chance of also receiving a bonus matching Cherry R1 blank. Each Package features custom box art, a 3 in. Sticker and a Plastic ID card Signed and Dated by Just Another Keymaker.

Each Kota is $60


Raffle Form

Form Closed! Thank you everyone for entering. We will be invoicing tonight and tomorrow morning!