Just Another Keymaker

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Artisan Keycaps?

Artisan Keycaps are resin casted mini sculptures that are made to fit on Mechanical Keyboards. Artisan Keycaps start out as a sculpt made from clay or other various sculpting materials. From there custom molds are created to produce the design using variously colored resins.

How do I join a sale?

Just Another Keymaker utilizes several sale methods including first come first serve sales, short entry raffle sales, and flagship raffle sales.

  • First Come First Serve sales will be held on the shop section of this website.
  • Short Entry Raffle sales will be held through this website as well. There will be a keycap listed for 5x retail which will have a raffle form in the product description. By entering your email you have the chance to get win a coupon code to bring the price down to retail.
  • Flagship sales are the debut sale for new keycap designs. These will be held through custom pages of this website created when the sale goes live and be open for at least 24 hours.

Who is Just Another Keymaker?

Just Another Keymaker consists of Jake and Jessica, an artisan casting team who also happen to be engaged!