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Today we are starting a new blog that will keep anyone who wants to know updated with the latest information about our crafting activities!

Hopefully we can include some great pictures of the process we go through designing, sculpting, and producing our keycaps. We want this to create a sense of connection and excitement for what we add to the artisan community!

Currently we have refined our Spooder design to its final form and are quite happy with the texture, dimensions and makeup of this cute little Spooder.

Final Design | Spacer Spooder

Final Design | Spacer Spooder

Now that we have the final design we would normally be moving into production by creating multi-cap molds to speed the creation of more Spooders. However we are waiting on something new we designed and are very excited to try out!


TMX stems! 

TMX stems! 

TMX stems are something we have been very eager to try for some time. We designed and have printed via shapeways some test stems. These stems are being printed right now and are scheduled to arrive before the end of the month! If all goes well we will be making these stems the norm for our designs going forward. The stems themselves will be Resin cast from the 3D master which will allow us to produce many and in a variety of colors moving forward. 

These TMX stems also serve a double purpose! Besides allowing our caps to work with Topre boards, the maker mark 'key' will be used to signify rarity! The key will be infilled with a consistent color Resin across all future sales that will be used to distinguish the rarity of the colorway! 

Thanks for checking out our update, we hope to be able to bring these to you on a regular basis so stay tuned!