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How It Works

We are glad to say we are finally accepting formal commissions! All commissions will be done Raffle Style. Anyone who wants to place a commission order will enter their request on the Form on this page. Each week, one order will be fulfilled from the list of entrants and moved to the Completed Commissions section of this page. The chosen entrant will be contacted via paypal email and we will work with them to complete their request. Each request must be filled out in full and include the above images colored and added to a private imgur album. We will cast a maximum of two batches for your commission if you do not like the first colorway we cast. The other batch can be sold at our discretion. We will work with you to get the colors correct but once shipped there is a no return policy on commission work.


  • A Basic Commission is 5 caps which include one of each Spooder, Peek, Birb, Rose and Blank. The price of a basic commission is $700 for a standard triple shot commission.
  • A Single Sculpt Commission requires a minimum of 5 caps at 3x retail. We do not do single shot commissions. Spooder, Birb, and Peek retail at $60 per key.  Blanks are $25 retail value.
  • Custom Commissions can be worked out and will be priced out and agreed upon before production starts but require a minimum of 5 caps. This would be any combination of our sculpts aside from a Single Sculpt Commission or a Basic Commission. Larger order quantities will have a discount based on our discretion but the standard commission price remains 3x retail.

Commissions Placed


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